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Build and manage an enormous chicken farm


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Egg, Inc. is an incremental game where you run a chicken farm. You have to manage absolutely everything when it comes to your farm: from the hatching of eggs and the purchasing of chickens to the vehicles that transport the eggs.

The gameplay in Egg, Inc. is very close to that of any other incremental game. To start, you have to tap the screen constantly to hatch eggs and 'create' chickens. Later on, you can unlock improvements to help you minimize the number of times you have to tap the screen.

To unlock improvements, you obviously need money. And to earn money, you need eggs. Getting money from your eggs is a many-step process, however. For example, you need to buy and improve the trucks that distribute the eggs, but you also need to buy and improve granaries.

Egg, Inc. is an excellent incremental game with a simple yet fun gameplay plus very good graphics. Building the chicken farm of your dreams won't be easy, exactly, but it's sure to be highly entertaining.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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